Spartan Environmental Services has been able to be successful designed liners to install for multiple applications throughout the North West. Trenchless Technology is the process to rehabilitate the pipe without digging up the pipe. This process is completed through a existing cleanout or manhole. Most rehabilitation will take one day. In traditional digging could take weeks to complete a similar projects. We have been able to meet and exceed the ATSM Standards F1216-09 & F1743-08 for our industry.

Portable Water Rehabilitation
Manhole Lining
Liner Wet Out
Manhole Lining & testing
18″ tols’ to 18′ Doble transition Liner for Chevron
Double Transition Liner for Chevron
Chevron Liner
Chevron Liner
36″ Main Line with by Pass
6′ Latreal Rehab
Moda Health 3” Liner install
3′ Liner Wet Out
8′ Sample pipe
Schwalm with lateral cleaning attachments.
Schwalm with lateral cleaning attachments.