Spartan Environmental performs services on all phases of Underground Storage Tanks (UST) in and around Oregon and have successfully closed projects we have been contracted for. 

Our Underground Storage Tank services include:

  • tank inspections
  • searches
  • cleanups
  • tank removals
  • sampling
  • decommissioning
  • risk assessments
  • soil & gas sampling
  • tank management
  • groundwater assessment
  • soil assessments
  • beneficial water use studies
  • DEQ correspondence 

Underground storage tank inspects

Spartan Environmental has conducted thousands of underground storage tank inspections and searches. Searches occur using a Schonstedt magnetic locator, line-tracing, and tips given by the property owner. We are also able to use heating oil tank documentation for a variety of databases. 

Once found, we proceed with a tank inspection to find if there are any structural issues with underground tank resulting in contamination of nearby soil. Depending on the soil finding of the inspections, remediation & decommissioning tasks are completed according accordingly.

Underground storage Tank Decommissioning & removal

To properly decommissioning underground storage tanks, Spartan environmental takes these steps:

  • Cutting off the fill and vent pipes
  • Pumping and cleaning the tank 
  • Collecting soil samples at each end of the tank and underneath the tank. As well as other places near the tank
  • Filling the tank completely with a material like sand, gravel, perlite, or concrete
  • We register all completed tank projects with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

Some of the commercial consulting services we provide included:

  • Remediation planning and management services
  • Environmental site assessments: Phase I, II, or III

Phase I site assessments

Phase II site Assessments

Site characterization and Risk assessment

Remediation Services & site management

Regulatory compliance